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Shoosh Pap.
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Haiii Childies~! I'm Endy :| I guess that's sort of obvious by the fact that I wrote it 3 times up there... ^^; But at least it looks FABULOUS~! :iconfabulousplz: heh...




Spread The Word...

*SmileDog Reference*


:icontriforce-plz: Legend Of Zelda :icontriforce-plz:



:iconit-was-her: :3333 You gets da kittyfaic

:iconkyonmadoka: Karkitty~!

:iconask-hiken: You can be Terezi...

:iconfirefallartist: Your Amazing Child... *0*

:icondivergentoctopus: You My VG Buddy. .u.


I'm Famous Stamp by Khrinx

Derp. :iconexcitedlaplz:

Kyo x Eridan And Gray x Gamzee... Are My OTPS... NakNak

Heals and Feels.


Kilts and Stilts.


Stamp Time~

.:.Chimbley Stamp.:. by VenomousViper3o
Mizu Love by kaitoiscool
omgkawaiidesu by ExcitedKarlplz
CoN - Love Jackie stamp by YamiRedPen
I HEART Climber Stamp by Nari-Maruko
Chimbley Heel Click Stamp by xXBirdfireXx
ENDZONE: Stamp by Sketchfighter316…
  • Mood: Content
  • Listening to: Afraid - The Neighborhood
  • Reading: Homestuck Fanfiction
  • Watching: My IPad Screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Kombucha
-Our Sessions Players-

Josh: Sylph Of Blood - He is incredibly friendly and can really be friends with those who he hates utterly, if he sets his mind to something he is stuck on it and sees nothing else, making him very single minded.

Sadie: Page of Void - (Siblings w/ Thief of Rage) Always stands up for what she believes in though is shy and socially awkward around new people, she is very set on a goal though she has to many too count she is certain she'll get them done eventually.

Sam: Prince of Time - He is incredibly fun, enjoys making jokes constantly. His dark side is rough and kind of scary, he is very considerate of others but strangers thinks he's a weirdo. 

Hannah: Rouge of Heart - She is incredibly bright and helpful but she has a mean side that can whip you hard and ruthless. She really brings playfulness to anything, even when it may not be the best time, 

Farrah: Mage of Light - She is very independent not allowing others to help her evan when she needs it, she is confident in herself and lets many people lean on her, she hardly ever shy and actually almost to the point of cocky she acts like she doesn't care what others think yet that is the only thing she ever has anxiety about. 

Nina: Heir of Breath - She's kind of inconsiderate, over dramatic and a little selfish though is always trying her hardest to have a good time and will have fun evan if no one cares to join her, she can be very secluded to others at times or very open and sometimes both at the same time.

Gabriel: Thief of Rage - (Siblings w/ Page of Void) Looks for ways to be annoying and really always looking for a personal gain, he thinks he's pretty hot stuff and is set on what he wants, if he gets anything else = anger though he can be fun and kind when not angry/selfish. 

Maya: Seer of Life - Shes extremely happy and peppy though is kind of indecisive though her opinions are strong when she can decide, though she never says her opinions aloud for fear of others. Has the ultimate power to summon Shrek. 

Lorelei: Knight of Space - Extremely fun and great with everyone though she seems to brew feelings and will kick your ass if you fuck with her.

Ryan: Maid of Mind - He's sweet to strangers though does not open up easily unless you are extremely close, he does not enjoy loud noises and such it causes him a kind of mental pain being in crowds which is physically visible in his facial features.

Yo peeps. Sidenote, fare fare wrote the personality descriptions.

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I Love You Too Childdddd! We do need to talk more >.< hum... lemme see... I have a Facebook.... And I have Text+ on my IPad... If you have a IPad/Kindle/Any other Tablet thingy then you could Text+? (Text+ is basically a texting app... Hence the name TEXT+ ) but yeah, That's pretty much all other than dA and Roblox :U Ill try to talk more often. School has started and I've gotten really busy >.> [ Long Message .w. ]
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